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From the Pastor

You Have Proven You Are the Biggest:


Long before I was assigned to Holy Ghost as its Pastor, I had already heard a lot about this Church parish. One thing I repeatedly heard about is that it is the biggest African-American Catholic Church Parish in the USA. Many people may think just as I did before that it is the biggest in term of its membership. It is true because according to the church data base dated June 30, 2016 this parish has 2,554 families and from this number of families we make up to 6,059 members. This figures really confirm the claim that Holy Ghost Church is the biggest African-American Catholic Church Parish in the country. But the question is: are we big only in number?

In my short time serving as Pastor of this parish I have to attest that Holy Ghost Church is not only big in number. People of this parish have made this Church Parish big in many different aspects. It is big in its spirituality, in its enthusiasm, and in their self-giving service and sacrifice for their church. What a spirit-filled experience to witness so many people partake in the Eucharist, Adoration, Bible Study, Charitable works, and many more spiritual exercises offered by church. What a pleasant feeling to see elderly men and women voluntarily give their time to make boudin, hog cracklin, and pies. What a rewarding feeling to see many men and women spend their time on church ground to make sure that the ground is ready for the Creole Festival. What a comforting feeling to see people come in and out of the Church Office to bring donations, pick up raffle tickets, turn in moneys, and purchase dinner tickets.

To all of you who have made Holy Ghost big, I just want to THANK YOU. In closing I would like to invite you to work with me and my team in making our Church Parish the biggest in every aspects God wants us to be. Credit is due to God who has made it possible for us.

Sincerely yours,

Fr. Lambert A. Lein, SVD



 Jubilee Year of Mercy

The Holy Father, Pope Francis I, has declared a Jubilee Year of Mercy which will begin on December 8 of 2015 and end on the Solemnity of Christ the King in 2016. The theme for the will be "Merciful Like the Father". This is an opportunity for all of us to be moved by the Father's mercy and allow the extraordinary grace to move us to mercy. Where are we invited in our lives to show mercy to others, to be people of forgiveness and compassion? We are called to act justly and walk with our God in mercy.

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Our Mission: Holy Ghost Faith Community invites its members to a personal conversion to God the Father through the Son in the Holy Spirit and is committed to teach and share the Good News of Christ to others.



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