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Holy Ghost Parish Centennial Celebration Core Committee


"The Centennial Core Team would like to ask all Parishioners of Holy Ghost church who have their own businesses such as catering, cake baking, event planning/decorating, Disc Jockeys, graphic designer, printers, fun jumps, and/or any other entertainment or publication related business to please submit their business cards in the back of church. There will be a labeled jar in the back of church for all submissions that will be checked on a weekly bases. The Centennial Core Team would like to patronize these businesses during the upcoming centennial year and Thank you all in advance."  


Holy Ghost Church Centennial Celebration


The Centennial Committee is asking parishioners who would like to display family images at the Centennial Celebration Kick-Off that pertains to the history of Holy Ghost .


The deadline for these images is September 13th.  The pictures must be printed and placed in the desired frame. You can bring these pictures into the parish office during normal business hours. Thank you for your participation!



Holy Ghost Centennial Yard Signs available at the Parish Office

Donation $3.00




Holy Ghost Parish Centennial Celebration Core Committee Members

Chair: Devin Manuel

Co-Chair: Clentrice Charles

Secretary 1: Lindsey Charles

Secretary 2: Stephanie Roberts

Treasurer: Dominic Andrus

Member 1: Dorian Durald

Member 2: Setayah Daigle


Click here for meeting dates.


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Online Giving

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